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Arts and Crafts Workshop Series

The PVWC aims to host one workshop a month. This way each artist gets the best 
membership attendance and the PVWC Weekly Update can focus on highlighting the monthly workshop and the workshop’s artist. Only PVWC members will be notified about Arts and Crafts workshops. The 
workshops will be advertised on the PVWC Yahoo group and in the weekly update, which is only sent to members. The PVWC attempts to verify each member’s residency by using current members as a resource. Artists are allowed to invite their own non-PVWC member guests to their workshops.

Traditionally, workshops are kept small in size and take place in the home of the Artist. Our members have enjoyed the intimate learning environment and we have found that smaller classes promote community and foster a more positive class experience. The PVWC is working on having a room at the town center available for our artists in the later part of 2013. We have found that most of our students prefer a week day afternoon for workshops. However, we are always open to trying new days and times. 

These art workshops have provided our members with more than just learning a new skill or an afternoon of enjoyment; they foster a feeling of connection to our community. In our modern world of fast-paced technology and mobile phones, personal friendship and community becomes even more vital to our sense of wellbeing.

Amy Pinneo has hosted many art workshops for the PVWC. She has acquired a following of students and her workshops have added greatly to the PVWC community. Amy has committed to guide a group of new artists who also wish to also teach a class. She will help them create a class outline, she will attend their first workshop to lend support, and she will create a support system throughout the workshop process.